The HOPE-in-Hands Program

Empowering underserved students through music

Widespread Hope Foundation's flyer for their Hope-in-Hands Program with Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City, Maryland. The flyer outlines their program goals, how the program works, and information on the current program with Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School; Fundraising goal$16,000, 33 instruments refurbished, 70 new instruments purchased, 64 new pieces of equipment purchased. In addition to outlining the program, a link to donate at is provided.

About the Program

The HOPE-in-Hands program’s overall goal is to provide young, aspiring, musicians with instruments, equipment, and resources.

Widespread Hope Foundation is dedicated to the growth and development of aspiring musicians and artists. Instruments and resources donated to WHF’s Hope-in-Hands program will be used to equip students with the instruments and resources necessary to advance their skills in music.

How it Works

We partner with underserved public schools, working closely with their music department, in order to identify their musical needs.

Our process:

  • Compile a list of instruments, equipment, and resources
  • Seek the guidance and knowledge of The Band Shoppe;
  • Refurbish the school’s existing inventory of instruments
  • Replace instruments that are at the end of their career
  • Fulfill the school’s Equipment & Resource Wishlist

Wishlist items can range anywhere from mouthpieces, reeds, bows, cases, stands, and more.

How to get involved?